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We're buying a house and intend to rent it out. I understand that according to the rules, a minimum downpayment of 20% is required for rental properties. We do have enough assets to cover this 20%--however, I don't want to sell off that much of my stock portfolio for the house downpayment. We also have a LOC (currently unused) at a great interest rate, and we can borrow enough money from it to cover the full downpayment. If possible, I would like to keep my stock portfolio intact, borrow the downpayment from the LOC, and have all the interest payments on this amount be tax-deductible. Animated Commercial Product Video can be marketed through video to create a lasting and powerful impact in the market. The workaround to this is that I could sell off stocks in my portfolio, pay the downpayment using the proceeds, then borrow that same amount from the LOC and re-purchase my stocks. Overall effect will be essentially the same, but I will probably end up losing money during the selling/repurchasing process and also incur a lot of capital gains.


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