Rankin Capital Trust Initial Private Offering FUNDING NEEDED

PRIVATE SHARE PURCHASE OPPORTUNITY: Get in early and be an active share holder of Rankin Capital Trust, Inc. a Commercial Real Estate Investment Fund.



Rankin Commercial Properties is currently working on preliminary plans for its Real Estate Investment Fund, Rankin Capital Trust. Once Fund Marketing Materials are approved by the SEC, Rankin Commercial Properties will be offering up to 5 Million Dollars a year in shares to interested commercial real estate investors.



The fund will be focusing on property acquisitions in the Southeastern United States, mainly North and South Carolina. Properties will be chosen primarily by deal structure, location, and potential lease up.


Deals will be structured at 60-65% LTV or Purchase Price whichever is the lesser of the two. Rankin Commercial Properties does not believe in over funding properties. The cost of trying to finance or refinance properties at higher ratios offsets the IRR from higher leverage under current market conditions.


Each property will be purchased as an SPE or Special Purpose Entity owned by Rankin Capital Trust, Inc.


Rankin Commercial Properties has developed one of the strongest Commercial Real Estate teams in North Carolina. With over 7000 website visitors a month, the RCP team has developed a marketing strategy that caters to property seekers of the new market. At RCP we believe nearly 95% of all businesses turn to the internet in search of space before they turn to the traditional broker route.

The Commercial Real Estate Investment Market has never looked so good for an acquisition spree.


The Rankin Capital Trust, Inc. will be managed by Rankin Asset Management, Inc. a subsidiary of Rankin Commercial Properties, LLC. The Trust will be an incorporated company and will be seeking REIT status to avoid income tax. However, before REIT status is achieved, it may not be able to function to its full potential.


Achieving REIT status will require Rankin Capital Trust, Inc. to acquire 100 investors with no investor invested more than 9.99% in the total shares of the company.



Preliminary Offer and Opportunity:



Rankin Capital Trust is currently opening its doors to Private Investors who are seeking opportunities to invest in commercial real estate. Private Investors will have monthly updates on the progress of the fund vs public investors who only have quarterly reports.


The Private Investors will also have the opportunity to apply for our Board of Directors and take an active voting role within the company.



Investment Criteria for Private Investors:

Minimum Investment: $50,000.00 or 5,000 shares


Investment to Income Ratio of 10% to Liquid Assets: Investors may not invest more than 10% of their liquid assets in our fund. If an investor wishes to invest more than 10% of their liquid assets they will need to do so in the public offering.


Ability to Hold Shares for Long Period of Time: The Fund will be investing in Commercial Real Estate Assets. Because the company’s shares are not publically traded on an open exchange, shares are not readily available for liquidation.


Minimum Holding Period: 5 years

Early Exchange or Selling of Shares Penalty:
1 Year 35%
2 Year 25%
3 Year 15%
4 Year 5%


Exchange and Selling of Shares: If an investor wishes to sell or exchange their shares, they will have the opportunity to do so during an offering period. The shares will be sold in the order in which they have been received before new shares.



Rates and Fees (Subject to Change in Final Documentation):


Purchase of Stock Fee: 6%
Sales of Stock Fee: 3%

Annual Management Fund Fee:
4% of Gross Income (Rankin Asset Management, Inc.)
1% Net Asset Value (Rankin Asset Management, Inc.)


Property Management and Brokerage Fees will depend on market conditions where the individual properties are purchased.


Asset Management Fees will be used for paying Rankin Asset Management Staff, Marketing the Fund, and Accounting Audits.


If you are interested in purchasing shares of our private stock offering, email:


For more information on Rankin Commercial Properties visit:


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