I am looking for notes for sale like mortgage, commercial, or residential notes in any state. I am a serious buyer who is into note investment. I can buy your note at a great deal price few days after settlement. You get a lump sum of Cash now rather wait for several years and collect monthly payments. Just message me in this post and I will get back to you as soon as I read your message. I will help you get the highest cash value as possible. But I will only deal with legit sellers.

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We sell performing notes on SFR properties around West Michigan. Our website is landcontractnotes.com (you do have to register to view them). I am always open to dealing serious buyers. 

If you have interest please contact me at justin@landcontractrealty.com. Thanks

Hi Justin Herrema, Good day!

My name is Cristal from NoteSeeker. We are interested in giving you a cash offer for your note, We will send you an email for further discussion.
Thank you!


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