Many of you may know that CREPIG is run on the Ning platform.  Many of you probably do not know and could care less.


So why am I mentioning Ning?  Recently Ning has made a major market uproar with the news that they will no longer be providing free networks.  This has made many groups leave Ning and many group members leave groups, with the misunderstanding that they will be charged to be a member of any Ning group.


Members will not be charged by Ning.  Only site owners like myself.  We are already paying for the service so CREPIG is in no danger of going away.  My costs will increase and that is OK as CREPIG makes it's money via advertising.  As CREPIG is growing at rates higher than projected, we feel there should be no issue with finding sponsors that wish to offer their services to our users.


Some may wonder if we are thinking or working on other alternatives to Ning.  We are, but that will not effect you, the member any time soon.


If we do move from Ning, it will be to a more robust and feature rich platform, not a cheaper one.  CREPIG's mantra is to "Provide Massive Value to Members" not "How Cheap can we be".


Hope that answers any questions.  Comment below if you have other questions or concerns.


Kindest Regards,

JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder

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Thanks for sharing the information-it is important
Great explanation JW! Thanks for keeping us informed.
Thank you for your efforts and I wish you all the good luck there is.

Craig, how the heck are you doing? Been awhile. Are you still using Networkers United?
Been working out of bed more and more. I thrilled when I get 2 hrs (baby steps). I'm uncertain what Networkers United? Are they bad news?

I thank you greatly for your patience with me. I am concentrating of my company and learning more about the wealth you have created. Congratulation and I hope to use it all.

Craig McCord
Thought you belonged to NU at one time. I may be mistaken. It is a group of open networkers around 7000 that I helped build, but they are not doing that well.

Great to see you are still hangin in there and thanks for your participation
Give me a call, I have some solutions that might help you out. They are things we used with my website Varoomit....
Thank you for the valuable information, I appreciate that you keep us abreast of newsworthy issues.
Thanks for the great replies.... I really appreciate all of you.
Thanks for the update & thinking of the group.
Thanks for your information by keeping the members update
Mohamed Hafeezulla

It's great to know that good people such as yourself is constantly fighting for your members to make thing better. We really do appreciate all of your efforts and hard work on our behalf.

Great job, please keep it up.

Daniel Ogu
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