Hope everyone has been doing well.. WE have some new property... both commercial and residential.. NPN"S both SFR and Multi in CA.. as well some smaller packages in CA In SFR and MFR.. WE just got 4 car washes all in CA and hotel NPN...strip malls, nation wide.. just a mix  of everything..


If we can help you let me know,


Valerie Pullishy



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Very interested to see what you have to offer, sent you an email and left a vm.
If you have properties that are privately held mortgages, I do have buyers interested in commercial, SFR and Land. Very interested in more information on your Privately held mortgages.

Hi, I left a Voice mail please email me what you have in CA both Commercial and Residential
please send info to tfs_processing@yahoo.com

George Mckinney
727 768-4048


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