New 100% Financing for Select USA and Canada Real Estate Projects/No Upfront Fees

NEW - 100% Financing - NO UPFRONT FEES - for Select US and Canadian Projects (including Real Estate!), $10M USD - $20M USD 
We are now working with a proven, private investor (who has funded one of our partner’s projects), who is interested in funding – 100% - projects in US and Canada and requires NO UPFRONT FEES
These are the ONLY types of US and Canadian Projects they are interested inIf your business does not fall into these categories, it does not qualify. (see the PS below if you have a worldwide , non-US or non-Canadian, project that needs funding). Please do not waste your time, or ours, by applying for this program if you do not qualify.
1. Commercial Real Estate Purchase or Development
2) Starting up a Franchise
3) Business Acquisition, with existing profits and earnings, not a startup
4) Business Expansion, with existing profits and earnings, not a startup
4) Contract Execution
5) Oil and Gas
6) Renewable Energy
7) Education
8) Production/ Movie Production
9) Mining
Additional requirements:
1) $10 USD - $20 USD Loan request ONLY
2) US and Canada projects ONLY
3) No Startups
4) Must be a “clean”, established company, with existing profits and earnings, run by “clean” people (i.e able to pass a detailed background check)
5) No sole proprietors – borrowers must be a team of at least 2-3 business people, all of whom can qualify for funding and can pass the background check
Terms and Conditions:
1. Funding typically takes less than 30 days
2. All fees -including 10% fee agreement - can be added into the loan amount and paid at funding (add the 10% fee into your loan amount and financial projections)
3. 3% Interest Only loan payments
4. Non-Recourse Funding
5. 6-month grace period until first payment is due
6. 3-5 year term, with a balloon payment due. May be extended another term in some cases
TO APPLY: one email with the following documents and information.
1. Borrower's company's executive summary
2. Borrower's direct telephone numbers and email address. Note Borrower must be a team of at least 2-3 people. Sole proprietorships do not qualify.
3. Borrower's residential or office address(es).
4. SEPARATE ATTACHMENT - Borrower's company's business plan. This needs to be professionally done, minimum 15-20 pages,.
5. SEPARATE ATTACHMENT - Borrower's company's financial projections. Minimum 3 year proforma, and should reflect the amount of time needed for the funding. (For example if the request is for a 5-year loan, the projections should reflect that). Please add the 10% fee into these amounts.
6. ONE or SEPARATE ATTACHMENTS - Copies/Scans of all Borrowers’ passports or any government issued photo ID
7. SEPARATE ATTACHMENT - Borrower's company's certificate of incorporation
Within 48 hours, Monday-Friday, you’ll be sent the following 2 forms to fill out and return. 
1) Project Owner Intake form
2) Investor Corporate Overview (you’ll be provided with a template to follow)
Once that is received, you’ll be notified of the next steps within 48 hours, M-F.
Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your project for funding. Lisa
  • Your project does not qualify for the 100% US and Canada Funding Program
  • You have a worldwide project seeking funding $20M USD - $20B USD, (including non-US Government Projects)
  • You have 2% - 5% of the loan amount available in liquid cash and can provide proof of funds at submission (for Private/Corporate Funding) OR
  • You are directly connected to the government seeking funding
Please email the following information and proof of funds (or government official’s name and title, if the government is the borrower):
1. Project Name
2. Country where Project is located
3. Industry
4. Brief, 1-2 sentence description of project
5.  Amount Needed - $20 Million USD - $20 Billion USD
6. PRIVATE CORPORATE BORROWERS - Provide Proof of liquid funds (bank statement or letter from your bank) for at least 2% of the loan amount.  GOVERNMENT PROJECTS (where Government is borrowing the money) must provide the government official’s name and title.
Thank you!
Don Carter
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