Hi All, I am new to the group.  We have a safe, proven, conservative effort, perfect for family offices.  

To share, we have a pitch deck, investor book and SEC audited financials. Our iBanker is signed and our CIM & form S-1 are 90% completed. 


Our capital raise is for minimum $24m and use of funds is detailed in our Investor Book.

Adjusted EBITDA is $7.5m historical and forecast to be $18.5m post IPO due to signed merger commitments. Our enterprise value is $159m.

Halydean is effecting a long overdue, classic roll-up in the Dairy slash beef sector.  We have signed M&A agreements with big names you will want to know and will recognize. Halydean will & has only acquired in the top 5% of the sector. * 

Results from the time we had submitted for our SEC audits: our $159m book value (core acquisitions) has grown to apx $1b of book value. This growth will be announced post IPO.

One will be pleasantly surprised to discover HALY's audited financials are entirely discounted to sector trends upwards, tech upgrades, economy of scale savings, re-allocation of capital and are overly conservative in projections, assuming no further M&A growth of which there is a substantial backlog. There will be bifurcation. One will find our HALY proforma shows net income doubling near four times by year ending 2022, due to sign M&As.  

With you interest, let’s structure to a call with our CFO Taylor Moffit of Halydean. We can use the investor book as a script for the call. 

Please sign our NCNDA to receive our Investor Book.

*Background Links: Sector Opportunity Expanded: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/dairy-farming-next-feeding-frenzy-wa...  

Bifurcation: Advantages: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/advanced-finance-equity-bifurcation-...

Michael Alvarez, Halydean PE Associate and shareholder. 561-962-5835

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