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I have a motel for sale at the interesection of two major highways (US 412 & US 71B) in Springdale, Arkansas (NW Arkansas).  It is currently being used as a motel, but the motel is for sale and needs many upgrades.  The value is in the land.  It is across the intersection from Wal-Mart and Walgreens.  There is also another motel next door.  The traffic count is 38,000/day.  Call me with any questions!  479-00-5001

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My apologies....My phone number is 479-200-5001


I may have a taker for your listing. Do you have a full marketing package for the hotel? Please contact me through this database and I'll get you my contact information.




Hi, Sam!  Unfortunately, we do not have a packet together, yet.  The listing is not even a month old and we have had a hard time getting information from the owner.  But we are in the process.


I have this co-listed with one of our brokers.  I brought the client in, but he has the experience.  I would love for you to call either of us.  But I would especially like for you to call him.  His name and number are:  Greg Spencer, 479-530-0628.


The owners are desperate to sell.  They have mutiple businesses and have stretched themselves too thin.  The restaurant serves Thai food and rents for $3500/month.  The bar rents for $2000/month.  The owner of the bar has had it for 30-40 years.  (during multiple owners)


As I said, the motel has suffered.  The value is in the land.  However, the motel IS generating income and currently breaking even.


Please contact either of us.


Debbie Faddis

Weichert Realtors Downum Group

3418 W Sunset  Suite C

Springdale, AR  72762

479-200-5001  Cell

479-756-2722  Office



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