Misuse of Social Media!

A shameless act of fraudsters & scammers. In place of early method of emailing, the fraudsters and scammers have now taken Social Media in their hand with no shame.

Appearing self-designated mostly as CEO, Director or Manager of a Bank, the scams are unfolding with various cooked up stories and asking to participate in claiming unclaimed or undeclared money and the amounts declared are making the receiver mad who thinks twice and respond.

Then the second episode unfolds, after few communications of complicated convincing, the scammer asks for a payment to be made to a lawyer for legal works.

This is the deal and the end of it. Shameless those who try to make some money without any hard work. Which God are you praying? Hope, no one will get caught to this wave of scams!

Shouldn’t it be the responsibility of the site owners to cancel such accounts of fraudsters?

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