I have a very real and very qualified investor, who specializes in the acquisition of performing notes. The following criteria applies. Please note that this is a serious opportunity and time wasters will not be dealt with. Either you have what you say you have or your don't. If you don't, please do not reply.


The criteria is as follows:


1. Notes must have some seasoning, prefers 90 days minimum.


2. Payor on note must have decent and verifiable credit, 600 minimum credit.


3. Buyer will buy on a Nationwide Basis.


4. Buyer is looking to purchase individual notes only, no interest in pools or custom ordered notes.


5. Residential and Commercial.


6. Buyer is very competitive, his offers are also very competitive. Buyer is very experienced and prices his offers on the aggressive side. Buyer has zero tolerance to B.S. Expects serious players only and will know in a matter of minutes if he is dealing with an amateur.


7. Buyer is very creative and has many ways to structure purchases so the deal is a win-win-win for everyone.


8. Top referral fees paid. Serious intermediaries/Brokers wanted. This Buyer can put serious commission money into the pockets of serious players.


The time to make a play is now, we are expecting to hear from you Now!!!

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What about the security or LTV in the notes he looks at? Is he building his yeild into the purchase of the note with a restructure with the owner or is he looking to own the property? Have a friend that owns a 200,000 sq ft shopping center in Duncan, Ok that is performing. 250,000 NOI debt is 1.6 mil with bank so it has no problem in debt servicing. Borrower is substantial and has many holdings across the country.

Here is the problem:

Debt was all due last year and they extended to Aug 2011. Can't find financing to replace the debt. Not a matter pf paying its a matter of paying off. 

Let me know,

Mike Strand

Capital Newport




Please send me your contact information. I will have one of my team members contact you. He is in California.


Thanks, and we look forward to working with you.



I am a real estate broker in Miami and I have a portfolio of performing notes for sale in South Florida, all properties are commercial, this portfolio can be bought all together or a minimum of 3 notes per contract, let me know if this can work for your buyer and I will send the procedures, these notes are off-market therefore the buyer must sign NCND and Fee agreements before any information is disclosed.


Contact me direct at jrivera@consultant.com or the number below.






Hello James,

I was going thru some of your posts and I understand you are looking for commercial/MF properties as well as notes. I have some product that might be of interest to you.I would appreciate if you could please send me your contact info. My email is asimsyed1@gmail.com.

Asim Syed



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