Looking for Off-Market Product Providers who are REAL!

I am direct and indirect to several active buyers. We are looking for someone who can deliver necessary information in the assets they represent. If you are a broker, please bring your listings only.

You must be responsive and have enough upfront information ready to interest the buyers. Prefer direct to seller, and be able to get the seller and buyer on the phone. If not direct to seller, you will be considered as a referral only.

Looking for:
  • - MF in TX, CA, FL Value added to Class A
  • - MF in other specific areas
  • - Office Buildings in CA, Boston, NY or other metropolitan tier 1 market Class A or trophy
  • - Office Buildings in same as above but must be REO or Distressed Notes $50M or up only
  • - Hotels in Major Cities 4-5 stars
  • - Hotel portfolio in mid-grade hotels;
  • - Hotels - boutique 40 room+ in desirable locations
  • - Hotels in Caribbean & So. America
  • - Shopping Centers - mid to large scale
  • - No land
  • - Broken developments in So CA
  • - Other assets...

More details would be give after mutual vet process.

Please send me your business information to email address below.

Thank you,

Pearl Zavertnik

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Hi Pearl,


I send you an email to this address you provided; Pearl@AstaEnt.com. And, if you haven`t received it, please let me know. You can email me back at; boi.johnsen@gmail.com


Best regards,

Boi Johnsen


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