We are looking for new relationships with lenders looking to do business in Atlantic Canada.  We have several projects to present to the right lender. Current deals available at $1.5mm - $4.0mm.

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Hi Nicholas,


I would like to speak with you regarding you're post.  Please send me an email me at mallen@remingtoncapitalinc.com so I may send you additional information regarding my company and programs.


I look forward to our conversation, thank you!




Michael Allen


Thanks for the quick response Michael.  Email sent, we can speak tomorrow afternoon if you are available.



I've responded to you're email.  Yes, I am available.


Thank you.


I am direct to a variety of funding sources. And depending on your needs we can help you in several different ways. Please feel free to call me to discuss.




Antoine Howard


Hey Nick,

It was great talking to you today. I haven't recieved your email. My email is scapitalfunding@gmail.com . Please feel free to email me as we talked about.




Antoine Howard

Nicholas;  , I am a career, West Point, Army Colonel and now manage Thornbush Capital Partners, LLC.  For 2011, we continue to distinguish ourselves from all other commercial hard money lenders.  Over and above the normal negotiated transaction broker fees associated with commercial loans, we also offer a ¼ point incentive to professionals who bring us opportunities that align with our lending parameters and actually close escrow.

We are primarily a private, direct, hard money lender specializing in 1 to 3 year bridge loans on performing commercial assets and we lend from $1MM to $50MM.  We openly post rates (13% avg, 2-3 points), fees, and terms (up to 75% LTV), charge NO UPFRONT FEES to review submissions, and close in 30 days. 


I am willing to review Canadian opportunities.

Hi Nicholas,


I have a variety of lending sources that lend worldwide. Please send a executive summary on the projects that you are seeking financing for. We do have programs with no upfront fees. Please contact stonecreekfs@yahoo.com


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