Hi everyone, I am looking to establish relationships with lenders for the African Market. I have been pushing a fund and build turnkey/construction financing package for projects from $500 - $1billion+ out here and the response has been positive. I am now looking to widen my portfolio of financing products on offer for this region and would like to establish relationships with the right lenders for this.

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Hi Ogechi,


I am direct to a variety of different funding sources that offer various different programs internationally depending on your clients needs. The biggest thing is that the projects have to be great projects and your clients have to have some funds to start with. 100% financing deals almost never get done. But if you have clients that have capital to work with then we may have several different options. Please feel free to give me a call or email me with your contact info.


Thanks Ogechi


Antoine Howard



Hi Antoine,


Thanks for the response......Will give you a call as soon as I can get through so we can discuss your options further. The lines dailing out from here are pretty bad this weekend, but I will be trying to get a clear line. Will email you my contact details so you can try from your end. 


Cheers Ogechi

Hi Ogechi,


Thanks for your response. If you can, when you email me give me a summary of the projects that you all are working on as well a figure on how much capital your clients have to work with inorder to get these projects done.

Thanks Ogechi

Have a blessed weekend


Antoine Howard



HI Nick,

Thanks for the response. I'll be in touch shortly to discuss the Which and How's of your suitable funding options for projects in the African region. Will send an email in the first instance as the lines out are not great this weekend. I'll also include my contact numbers in the email so you can try reaching me from that end.



Hi Ogechi,


I have many loan sources that finance projects world wide. Please send a executive summary on projects that are in need of financing. Have programs with no upfront fees. Please send to stonecreekfs@yahoo.com

Hi Phill, thanks for the response.......It would be great to know what loan packages you have access to as well as the requirements, rates, etc for each of the loans as this would enable me to make better calls on which projects to send to you as well as which of your loan products to push to specific client segments out here. The no upfront fee loans are always a winner, especially if the rates are equally attractive. Will send you a line with my contacts info. Please feel free to give me a call for a quick chat on this.  

Cheers, Ogechi   

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Thanks Ogechi Obibi, I and my partner are in direct contact with european bankers who is willing to esterblish fund/financial instruments from €500M-- 1B for project,This credit enhancement instruments can be leased/JV programe, The bankers proposal is to issue this instruments to investors and allow them to place the instrument onto PPP so that they can fully capitalize thier projects. and as such yours is of interest to us, all you need to do is to contact Mr Jones Davids at(jonse2davids@yahoo.ca) with the details of your project.+228-088-7985




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