Looking for financing for a 354 units 38 buildings

Looking to finance 80% ($6,660,000)of the purchase price $8.3M please email soon as possible.

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I'd like to talk to you about this.
I don't know if I can get you 80% LTV...it may be possible but it will depend on a number of factors...especially debt coverage ratio.
Please send me your contact info.

David Rousseau, CCIM

San Diego Lending, Inc.
PO Box 910528
San Diego, CA 92191
858-245-2110 (cell)
866-381-2718 (fax)
DRE# 01436880

We can assist you with the funding, just get back to me via email for more.

We Fund these types of Investments!!!!!

After reviewing you’re posting We do have an appetite for these types of projects. If you are still seeking funding, please forward executive summary and proforma

Thank you
Capital Source Lending LLC
Dean Winkle
(530) 710-2832 hm office
(530) 925-0476 mobile
(267) 888-3930 efax
email: dean@capitalsourcelending.com


Conference Line: 218 339-4300 476662#
check your email just sent it
Hi Richard,...i want to know if you have funded your deal yet? if not I would like to aww if I can help....I am not sure if I can get 80% ltv, due to several factors..strenght of borrower{s}, strenght of property and in what market it is in also....I would send a summary of the deal and all detail info about the borrower and property,..I can present to my lenders,..i work some insurance co, reit's ,investment bankers, and banks, private equity companys also....you can reach me d8vhills@aol.com also provide your contact info too...
Thanks,...David HFS
Hello Mr. Herrera,
Sir, we offer Private Bridge Capital for income producing commercial projects. We normally lend up to 75% of project value from 1-3 years, but can be extended to 5 years depending, from $2 to 30 Million. If we can be of service to you kindly let us know. Please visit our website at www.SiiCapitalFinancing.com

Dennis Smith
SII Capital Financing
(253) 833-5797


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