Large Balance Loan Programs for Commercial Real Estate Projects Nationwide

My direct funding group i have access to have exclusive mandates and partnerships with 2 Korean Investment firms,a Sovereign Wealth fund,and 2 Family Offices that have provided my group with these exclusive funding programs.These funds are seeking to deploy Debt(and Equity) on top quality only Commercial Real Estate projects Nationwide Only under the following guidelines only,no exceptions and you must be an experienced Sponsor and strong:

*Large Balance Loan Program#1: Min Loan amount $100MM and up,interest rates of 3.15% to 5%.
*Large Balance Program#2:Loan amounts from $20MM to $75MM and Interest rates from 3.15% to 5%
*Value Bridge Loan Program-Loan amounts from $20MM to $75MM and Interest rates from 5.00% to 7.00%
*Mezzanine High Leverage Loan Program-Minimum Loan amount from $10MM and total Leverage to 85% -Interest rates from 9% to 12%
-Stabilized and Sub-Performing Assets
-Assets in Lease Up Mode
-Acquisition and Refinancing Available
-Primary Markets
-Core Assets
30-45 Day closing as long as the Sponsor/Principal RE Investor/Developer/Builder cooperates and provides what is requested and done in a timely manner.
-****Sponsors must be Strong and Experienced
If interested in getting funding for top quality and immediate Commercial Real estate projects,then contact me and also provide an initial Executive Summary.
Don Carter
Facilitator to Funder

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