Off Market opportunity!

Appraised 2006 $5.7MM Existing waterfront Golf Course and Restaurant: purchase price $2.28MM. Appraised $5MM Future waterfront Marina/Casino/Hotel site: purchase price $2MM

That's 60% below the 06 appraisal!

Looking for a JV Investor/Partner to set up a new LLC to purchase both from the same owner. 3 to 5 year exit.


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Hi Mike,


What's the location?  Does it need any further development?




The golf course and restaurant are in full operation.  In fact in 2008 and 2009 Golf Digest had it a 4 star best place to play. Over 300 days of sunshine a year.  The adjacent vacant waterfront acreage is zoned for a marina/casino/hotel.  I'll have an executive summary ready for release later next week.



dear Mike

 Me and my international assossiates  will be interest in information about your project 

my email us know about it ,location,etc.we can sign a confidencial agreement 

If you want me to find you a institutional or private equity fund partner, I may be able to help. Bryan Shaffer - George Smith Partners


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