Please read below and If you need hard money, please give me a call or email to proceed, thanks.
Minimum Loan Amount $10,000,000 (10% Required Reserve)

NOW offering the following Programs:

100% Joint Venture Funding
100% Commercial Construction Loans
Oil and Gas loans
Gold Mines
International Commercial Loans
Sports Arena: Purchase, Refinance, construction
Credit Enhancement
Hard Money loans up to 90%
Lines of credit for down payment (680 fico)
Development: Residential sub-division
Farm loans: USDA 100% FUNDING

The procedure for qualifying for the financing is as follows:
1. Client submits their Project which includes all the following documents in English.

• Project Submission Form.
• Executive Summary and Business Plan
• Principal’s Resume with background and experience
• Profit and Loss Projection
• Use of Funds Projection
• Client Information Sheet.
• Copy of Passport & ID of Signatories
• Art

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