Is your commercial real estate generating more than 100% return? Ours is. Check it out.

One of the reasons investors buy commercial land is to generate income from it by building something on it and getting the income from the building. 

Well here is another way to look at the same thing but generates tremendous more profits!

My partners have bought several commercial lots in California and are setting up a medical marijuana business. They have the state and local licenses and permits to set up a cultivation (growing) and manufacturing (of the products sold in Dispensaries) business in both locations. One is in Coalinga and the other one is in California City.

They are in the process of getting construction financing on both projects and are now opening up a Joint Venture opportunity on both locations. 

1) The 1st project is in Coalinga is actually 2 businesses in one: cultivation and manufacturing. They are looking for an investor(s) that has $1.5 mill to put into the business for a 30.3% ownership in the business. The current value of the land is $5.82 mill and once the business is operational the professional appraised value will be $82.5 mill. 

Also the projected net income for the first full year of operation will be $38 Mill. 

2) The second project is in California City and also has both the cultivation and manufacturing business in development. Again they already own the land and have acquired the state and local licenses and permits. The anticipated net income will be $13.5 mill. The investment in this business is $2 mill for 22% ownership in the land, buildings and net income. 

Complete business plan and professional appraisals are available for those investors that can show a verifiable POF and sign the NCND.

For more details, contact Steve at 407-530-7783 or

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