I am new to commercial real estate. I was hoping to meet people and learn more about being a commercial real estate investor. This brings up a couple of questions...

1) I received an email stating that URLs will be checked to ensure that members of this website are legit businesses. Since I am just starting, I do not have a website. Is it the intent to only allow experienced people on this site?


2)Since I am new, I would appreciate any and all recommendations for getting started in commercial real estate investing. I have no experience in real estate investing. Any recommendations for courses of action, classes/courses, books, mentors is greatly appreciated.




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I received the same email..I am not sure to tell you the truth..don't have a website either although I am a legit LLC in the state of California....Additionally I will say that I have posted a few deals on this site..just bullet points looking for possible buyers and sellers and I have made some genuine contacts that have paid off..I do not as a general rule conduct business here..just looking for contacts to make phone calls etc..as far as experience, some of the major players here do not like IM's..(Intermediaries)..in their eyes you must be a legetimate broker or your deal must be direct to buyer\seller..most others will listen and consider the parameters of any particular deal..if it will make them some money then..good luck and get all the info you can here..their is a lot to assimilate..I am 'friending' you..

Hello Mike, no problems we use websites as one of the methods of checking out members. We will revise our policy to make sure this is not a sticking point for legitimate clients.


Have a Great Day,

JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder

Hi Sandy,


I'm new to this site and like Mark I do not have my website up and running. However, I'm not new to real estate so if you have any questions, issues or concerns feel free to email me. I don't know everything but I do have the right resources that do.


Myra B. Carter
Sovereign Capital Alliance Group
Transaction Engineer II


Thanks! I really appreciate that.


Hi Sandy, no problem. Please read my other posts.


We are happy you came to join us...



Someone just pointed out your request. This site is for you as well as me, I am a Commercial Lender. But, you follow along and learn as you go. No website needed. I recommend reading on this site the posts and podcasts. You can listen to experienced people talking about what they are doing.

What kind of commercial investing are you interested in? Buying property for yourself? If so, then my suggestion is finding a good market to buy in. Find an emerging market where the jobs are coming in and the people are renting. Every new job on an assembly line at the new plant creates another 4-6 jobs in the community to support them. This is a growing economy and a place to invest. This is what I am doing. Looking to find assets( apts, storage, office) in this market and going to the banks there to see if they want to sell. A local club (REIA) is another place to meet investors and the people with the money. If you have money to invest, then you need to meet the experienced guys like me who will use your money and others to buy and pay you in equity and dividend( cash flow).

Buying commercial real estate is bought primarily to earn cash flow. You analyze deals(properties) by what they earn. This is not valuation like residential, comparables, it is cash flow. I would love to tell you more on the phone about where to go to find good books after you tell me your goals in " investing" in CRE.

Call me at 818 259-2975

If you do not have a website, we will look further just to make sure you are a real person and not here to spam or scam our members.


What do you need to know? Where do you want to start? Have you already done residential deals?


Bill Evans is a CRE veteran and can definitely help you find what you need.



JW Najarian

CREPIG Founder

Mr. Najarian...thanks for clearing up the website issue...I have a received a number of solicitations from individuals on this site...most seeking help because their father was killed in a govt coup..they now have x.x gazillion dollars in an account that they need me to get for them..and they will split it with me...I just need to have it wired to MY account and then etc...anyway, good luck on weeding out the non entities and individuals who just want to get their hands on some significant money...I do wonder, however, if anyone has truly fallen for this drivel..this site has been a tremendous help with its library of info and good solid CRE connections ...the thread starter is in the right place..M

Yes, I understand. I receive many emails of the millions and millions of dollars that I can get if I just help someone in Nigeria. I completely understand this. It reminds me of how my 4-year-old wants me to help her find the pot of gold whenever she sees a rainbow.




This is the reason the email went out to the membership. We are trying to weed out the legitimate member vs. the spammers. This is a site for for serious minded professionals who want to enjoy the benefits and features of what JW and his team including the  members have build. Bill was spot on with his response. If you are here to do business, you can pretty much find  out who is doing business or who is abusing it.


Thank you,


Thank you so much for your reply. I have been trying to make a career transition into real estate investing for a couple of years. I am very interested in commercial real estate as I am an accountant and understand business valuations. I have not done any residential deals either. I dived into a number of websites and groups like this. But I am very impressed with all of the responses that this post has gotten. I haven't been on any other forum where the people have been so helpful. Thanks, again!


Hello Sandy,


This is Jerry Parks in Orlando. To answer your question, NO I don't think only experienced Commercial RE professionals are on the site. If you are new and would like to work with me I can help you find Commercial Deals in your area. I have a unique data information site that can provide you with  the great data you need to make an intelligent decison for Commercial deals.  Also You can work with me helpng Commercial Property owners in trouble and make  VERY NICE Commission checks with no money out of your pocket to get started . Please send me an email FLRESolutions@aol.com or Call me this week. I am on the EST zone   407- 282 - 2459  EST (9am - 6pm)   Welcome to the forum and I wish you lots of success.  Jerry Parks 


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