IP IP or RTGS or or MT103 / 202 or FX4 or sepa other transactions needed for financing the tunisia project

we are working on a big project of more than one billion euros at the level of tunisia this project is already approved by the Tunisian government and it is one of the biggest projects of the african continent. We are looking for funding for this project, so we have a team of experts who can receive IP IP or RTGS or MT103 / 202 or FX4 or sepa transactions or other transactions of more than 20 billion euros for this project. our team will be able to justify its different transactions with all the documents of this big Tunisian project .. if there are serious and professional experts who can carry out IP IP or RTGS or MT103 / 202 or FX4 or SEPA transactions or other transactions for this project we can collaborate together and our team will be able to justify its transactions with major Tunisian projects. I know we need experts and specialists who can do transactions that we do not need brokers or shippers to joke or waste time on. deal with after signing all contracts between the two parties. Only serious investigation.
DOA will be signed when confirming the screenshot
Further discussions, negotiations will take place upon confirmation of the screenshot.
Answer only if you can present a screenshot. my whatsapp number is 00905387326987. thank you

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