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This is for those here who are involved with brokering pool of assets and loans. Have you ever wondered to yourself why your not taken very serious by real buyers?

A broker who adds their fee on top of the purchase price sticks out from all the others. What does this mean exactly? It is as follows.

When you state the purchase price is 50 + 3, this is adding your fee on top and it is a novice move. You don't see a real estate agent saying the purchase price for your home your want to buy is $150,000.00 + 6 do you?

Your broker fee is always included in the deal and is itemized as a part if the fees if the deal. So if your broker fee comes to $12,000.00, it is added into the costs of the transaction.

If your not closing deals, this could be a reason why.

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Thank you for the post James


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