END OF THE YEAR,Time Sensitive!!!!! 800 Million Cash Buyer!!!!!

I have this buyer ready to get this product, let me know if you can comply with their requests as soon as possible.
This particular investor is looking to invest 800 million in one shot. He does not have a preference, it can be SFR, COMMERCIAL, OR UNITS. You can mix it up if you need to, but he wants in these particular states: California, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Chicago. The pricing he is looking for is 30 cents plus on the dollar in order for him to purchase the full $800 million in one shot otherwise he wont due to cost of currency exchange. Buyer is requesting that pricing, time to close escrow, time to provide product and all details of this transaction be provided to him in writing by seller, as a commitment to satisfy this transaction. Once POF'S and LOI is provided to seller, when will seller provide list of properties to buyer. Buyer wants to close in 15 business banking days. Buyer is located internationalIy and funds will have to be wired. For more details call or email luxuryhomesoldfast@gmail.com or 508-567-7913

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even at 800MM dont know if your going to find .30 on the dollar..

Wishful thinking on you and your buyer's part.


Even with $800MM at your disposal, you will be hard pressed to find distressed residential and commercial assets in CA, AZ, NY, IL (Chicago) at .30 cents on $.  Heck...1st position non performing notes are not going for those prices.


You may need to revise your initial post. 

wishful thinking lol, just to let you know Bank of America already submitted their letter.

not following you... a letter for what?..a possible scenario?...30 cents is almost unheard of...I have never seen even remotely viable assets going that low..unless of course you buy completely broken projects in which case you will definitely put cash into them to bring them up to speed..just sayin...good luck though..

Jonathan, Did this deal go through? How many of your deals have gone through? International wires? This is too much. Please take this elsewhere.


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