DATONA BEACH, FL - TWO CONDO TOWERS There are a total 400 units


There are a total 400 units


Beautiful Property


 For the DATONA BEACH, FL - TWO CONDO TOWERS -- There are a total 400 units.

Of the 400 units, 300 units are for sale, giving the buyer control of the building and the HOA.


The pricing is negotiable.


The seller is willing to talk terms over the phone, but only with the actual buyer and himself (he doesn't want a conference call with several people on the line).


I [Seller Rep] won't be on the call either.


I can arrange a conference call between the 2 parties asap.

We just need a NCND in place, and the 2 parties can connect and work out the pricing terms.

 Call 714-606-6100 email mweahunt@gmail.com

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