As a new service to CREPIG members we will be sending an update from time to time on what is happening with CREPIG. We would like it if everyone hung out with us on CREPIG all day, but we realize and appreciate that you have to work and have a life.
Here are just a few things of interest that you might not have seen. We woudl like you to come back from time to time to use all our powerful features for promoting what you have and finding what you need.

CREPIG Video News

Under the welcome message on the front page of CREPIG you will find our new CRE Video Channell with the latest CRE video news from CBS, Bloomberg and many other video news providers.

The top video today is of Bill Bartman, a friend of CREPIG, you will find his advertisement on the right side of the site under Billionaire Business Systems. He teaches about distressed assets and made billions in the 90's doing it so he is someone to know.

The main theme this month is distressed assets and Freddie and Fanny as CREPIG is getting ready to announce our alliance with RIISnet to provide distressed CRE assets in the future.

CREPIG's numbers are growing, but as we have kicked off over 400 members over the last 60 days it does not look like we have grown that big. Why have we kicked off so many? Mostly Spamming issues, some were kicked off for fraud reports and others for not adhering to Terms of Service Agreement. We don't want to be the CRE police, but we do want to make sure you know you are a member of a group that matters and is safe. If you know someone that is suspect of promoting fraud or is spamming you, please let us know.

Our numbers are OK, but when you place a forum post is when you really see the power of CREPIG. Your post will go out to over 10,000 CRE targeted followers on Twitter, the 5000+ members of CREPIG on LinkedIn via the news section and soon a new CREPIG section on Facebook. In the next 90 days we believe that a forum post on CREPIG will have the potential to reach over 30,000. That is a good reason to get your posts out there.


CREPIG's Blog is now open to SEO search on the web so make sure you put TAGS on your blog so it is searchable everywhere.


CREPIG has an SEO rating of 93% from HubSpot and is rated in the top 2% of all sites in the world. CREPIG is in the top 1% in the U.S. and is rated somewhere in the top 20 for all CRE sites. CREPIG is not just another rinky dink place to meet others, but is quickly becoming a very powerful presence in the CRE industry.

CREPIG is on Twitter and so should you. I will be writing an article soon to explain why it is important for the CRE investor and professional to be on Twitter, but you can not deny that many powerful companies and individuals have figured it out and are using this incredible mini blog to reach thousands.

CREPIG is kinda on Facebook and will be securing a relevant place there soon. Forgive our reluctance to use Facebook, but we can no longer deny it's reach and power.

We have many new posts and blogs we would love for you to check out or add more.

There are a multitude of new Events on the calendar for you to check out and plenty of space for you to add your own.

It is very rare that you are given the power of promotion CREPIG affords you at no charge. So learn it and use it.

If you need help with how to use the system get in touch with me or my advisors who would love to help you.

If you are interested in getting your company on the front page or everyones page look under Help Tab to find our ad rates. I would love to feature you.

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes in all your Endeavors,

JW Najarian
CREPIG Founder

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Dear Sirs/Madams,

Please tag, assist, & stalk me for my future needs;

Thank you very much !!

Cordially yours,
Great profile, thanks for all you do MadMex... Make sure you use the Forum to promote what you are doing. Let me know if CREPIO helps you find funding.

JW Najarian


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