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to my site and tell me all about you

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Went to your site... Wow what's in for me... As the owner of this site I find this a blatant disregard for my site, that you market yourself here, in the first place. The way to let people know about your site is to tell them something about it and, as long as you are not a competitor to the site you are marketing on, let the person decide if they are interested.


All your site does is ask questions of the person without telling them why giving you this information is beneficial to them.


I believe that how you do anything is how you do everything, so by attempting to use all the hard work we have put in here to feather your own nest really irritates me.


I would not be interested in joining your group no matter what you offered, at this point.

I'm with you JW...



Bad Marketing someone put the trash out...





Never an advance fee charged to a client


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