Confusion around what to do about loan for our second home.

Hello Guys,

 Bid on a house, and got our offer accepted. This is our second home, which we want to make as our primary home. We will be paying a down payment of 20%. Husband is in the process of a job change (H1B). He is serving a notice in his current firm, next week is his last week in his current firm. He has upto 3 weeks after that to join his next job. Cant do earlier than that, since visa is filed in non-premium processing etc. Animated Brand Video are being used by leading and startup companies to reach to their audience and market themselves.So the loan agents say they cant give out a loan based on his current situation, since the pay-stubs are checked a day before closing. Not having a job (in between his firm hops, he will remain unemployed for 2 weeks or so) will prove to be a problem. Have already discussed if offer letter can serve as replacement etc. but it looks like it cant.


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