Commercial R. E. Restructure/Workout Solution for Owners who are Upside down in their Properties: Call for FREE Analysis

My company represent a select group of private investors that specialize in helping  commercial property owners who are upside down in their properties. Our goal is to keep these owners in their properties by negotiating a settlement and cash payoff with their current lenders. When we become the NEW lender, we can then begin to offer the owner a lower monthly payment plan.

Summary of Bridge Lending Services:

Our bridge loan program is designed for commercial property owners who are in need of restructuring their existing debt or where the current lender desires to offer a settlement at a reduced principal. The bridge loan provides the conduit to take-out the existing over-leveraged debt and bridges the property into a new, traditional long-term debt. This is accomplished by using cash to purchase the note at a discount from the current lender. Then, we restructure a new short-term bridge loan with the existing owner typically with little to no out-of-pocket expense. Finally, we provide (or the owner) a traditional long-term exit lender to refinance out of the bridge loan, significantly lowering the overall debt often as much as 20-50%.

Overview of Bridge Lending Criteria:

Acquisitions up to $10,000,000

Principal(s) must have credit and financial standing to qualify for refinancing within 6 -- 12 months

Property must be income producing and support bridge loan debt service (1.2 Debt Coverage Ratio).

Property must be located in a Class A, B or C market area and capable of supporting the business

Loan-to-Value (LTV) based on exit lender LTV requirements (typically ranges from 50-70%)

Verification of business financials required

For more information and to discuss how we can help your existing clients in need of debt restructure, please contact:

Khafra Omrazeti

Acquisitions Manager

Phone: (916) 776-1007


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