We are offering commercial properties for sale at $.45/dollar or better!! We thoroughly analyze 300+ properties per month. Only those that can be purchased for $.45/dollar or less, and meets our strick value added scrutinization, are offered for sale. Let us know the type of properties you are interested in purchasing. We will scan our list of properties to find a match for your needs.


We are always looking for properties to include in our list. Do you have a commercial property(s) that you just can't move? Let us look at it for analysis. If it meets our criteria, we will work with you to get it list ed with our properties for sale.




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Hey John I am very much so interested in what you have. Please give us a call.

or email
I have the following investors purchasing properties…
1) Separate Buyers looking for Assisted Living Facilities $1M to $25M. Must be 90 + Beds
Interest in the following states AL,FL,GA,MS and SC. Buyers are strong with financing in
Place. Hotels with interior corridors, Dining Room Facilities, Exercise Area, etc.
2) Distressed, Foreclosures Mobile Home Parks and Self Storage Units Nationwide except
Michigan. Will Pay all-cash, up to 60 cents on the dollar based on today’s retail value,
depending on the specific project. Price Range $1M to $50M.
3) Investors are purchasing 4 & 5 Star Hotels Nationwide + Bulk Hotel Purchases.
Other Investors are purchasing Bulk SFR REO’S Nationwide to $150M.
4) Investors are interested to A or B class apartment buildings in the Dallas/FT. Worth area.

On any property or properties you send information by email, please send full financial info.
and other important information. I do not need the address of the properties. I will forward all
information to the Buyer’s Rep., on any properties the Buyers have an interest in, will send
you their full contact information. Buyers will do conference call with Bank or Sellers.

We have hit 100% of our wells drilled in the South Texas lease.
Our company has 21 years of experience.
We are not looking for oil and gas. We are only harvesting what is already proven to be in place.
We are not a public company. We are a small independent in comparison that is much different than most oil and gas operators. We drill in our industry resource programs verus exploratory drilling. The difference is simple, we are not looking for oil and gas as we are only going where the oil and gas is proven to be in place so that we never have the risk of drying dry holes. Our location has over 1100 wells proving the oil to be in place that any geologist or engineer can verify. Then we simply apply new technology and science to make it much more profitable.

Incredible 85% Tax Benefits. 15% of your monthly revenue is tax free.

Return on investment typically by year two with annual returns exceeding 30%+.
The asset investment produces an average 30 year payout that is paid monthly.
New technology that improves production volume.
We also don’t believe in giving you hypothetical’s in our projections we use actual #s.
Our program gives complete transparency. You can get online at any time and track how many barrels of oil and how many cubic feet of natural gas tour wells are producing daily.

Let me connect you to the party that can answer all your questions if you are interested.
Call 303-975-6560 or email (tn)

Dale Campbell @ 303.975.6560 /
Property Locator / Coast To Coast
Looking for Multi -Unit, condo Projects in the Phila. Area 1- million-60 million .45 cents on the dollar
Always looking for deals like this...

Contact me at:
Hi John,

Please put me on your deals mailing list. Tks!

I have access to a number of cash buyers.

832-483 8655.
have several cash buyers send info usa-1 713 772 7441
I have direct buyers looking for Multifamily and Hospitality sector products in Northern CA. Let me know if you have any inventory in this area.

I have direct buyers looking for Multifamily and Hospitality sector products in Northern CA. Let me know if you have any inventory in this area.

Good Afternoon John,

Please contact me regarding your recent post.

Thank you,

Ed Franklin
(509) 994-3230
please send me bulk REO PACKAGES have a hedge fund buyer that will take all you have that are 45% or less in sfh nationwide also need shopping strips and office buildings mini warehouses that are not listed with a real estate have cash buyers all along the eastern coastal line send email to
I'm interested in Apartments and Self-Storage properties. Please send me some more information on what you have available. Thanks.

Josh Parrish
CalI @ 408-661-1564 Carmen, I too have cash buyers!


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