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Nationwide Platform for Commercial BPO's

East West Valuation Services is squarely focused on commercial real estate and the requirements of lenders, banks, investors and special servicers.  Commercial BPO’s, Commercial BOV’s, and Commercial Broker Price Opinions are a significant segment of a diverse full service commercial real estate firm.

The value of professional Commercial Broker Price Opinion BOV / BPO is that you receive local commercial real estate expert opinions — from those on the field in the local submarket.
  • At  Commercial Broker Price Opinion BPO / BOV — you get detailed analysis, up-to-date comps, easy to read reports, and QC that is reviewed by several commercial real estate experts before you read it.
  • We have technology-driven quality controls and we deliver the state of the art commercial broker price opinion BPO / BOV that you will be satisfied.

Advantages Of Using Commercial Broker Price Opinion  BOV / BPO

• Our Commercial Broker Price Opinions BOV’s / BPO’s are performed by real state brokers with at least five years experience.

• Commercial Real Estate is local and each submarket is unique. Our broker network knows the real estate at the local level.

• Quality Control — All of our Commercial Broker Price Opinions BOV’s / BPO’s go through several quality control check points that provide our clients the best of technology and human control. This level of quality assurance enables you to receive the highest rated report and assurance of accuracy.

• We provide maps that are clear, providing macro and micro views.

• All of our Commercial Broker Price Opinions BOV’s / BPO’s not only have the subject property, but also the comparable property characteristics providing clarity when needing to understand the local commercial real estate market for sound decision-making.

• Map of subject property and all comparables for an accurate perspective.

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