Hedge fund wants to work directly with your Bank or other Financial institution, preferebly Bank.

They will purchase their Toxic Assets at CMV.  The Bank must purchase from the Hedge Fund performing assets to replace the Banks Toxic Assets.  NOW the FDIC, COMPTROLLER OF THE CURRENCY ETC. may take them of their watch list.

The trade is 10x1 meaning the Bank sells $1m of toxic assets TO the Hedge fund and the Bank buys $10m in performing assets FROM the Hedge fund with seller recourse/right of exchange.

Actually this can work with any institution holding bad assets.


OR..........Their may be a lead institution of a group that my consult/arbitrage in this program.

Lets start some dialogue.

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Steven,i have great access to a very solid selling offer of Toxic Bank Assets nationwide,if interested in getting details and specifics,please e-mail me at: donmoneybiz@gmail.com



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