"Ashley Court" Green Technology Land Development Deal

I have a land development deal for a 750 lot "green" subdivision using green technology in the Bullhead City/Laughlin, NV area. I'm looking for investor(s) to come on board either through JV ($50k ea.) or as main investor of $5MM. The investors funds will serve as a vehicle to make Green Homes USA, "GHUSA", a publicly traded company, as well as start the "rough ins" of the subdivision. All funds will be returned to investor(s) on or before 18 month time period with a 50% return on investment. Investor position will have collateral of a $10MM equity line of credit of stock as part of the stock portfolio.

With our environment rapidly becoming "green" conscience, now is the time to make an investment in green technology where your return will be quickly realized even before construction on the houses begins. Once GREEN HOMES USA becomes a public company, the stock will be very attractive. Sentiment for “green technology” is at an all time high.

Furthermore, GREEN HOMES USA has a capable marketing division already in place. This marketing division will take an active role in the promotion of the GHUSA stock through a brokerage, as well as the promotion of prospective developments. This puts GHUSA in a position to complete deals like "Ashley Court", or some of the other profitable land developments.

Because GREEN HOMES USA does not plan any actual construction for 24 months or more, the timing in this economy is right to set the stage for the next wave of development, and GHUSA has the product for both residential and commercial construction.

Market conditions have made the land available at a much lower price and the timing is very good for what we want to do. The "paper platting" process over an approx. 18 month period will substantially increase value. A paper plat is an approved preliminary plat of the 750 lots of the Ashley Court Project that shows lot locations, lot size, street widths, sewer and water line locations, building setbacks, easement and right-of-way locations, as well as storm water drainage routing, retention basins and similar required features.

By going public we'll have an excellent asset base which we feel will drive up the opening price of $5/share. The preliminary phase is a $6,000,000 enterprise, with the engineer on board to defer their $1,000,000 fee for opening shares of preferred stock at $5/share; we now are looking for a $5,000,000 investor(s) for the land base.

The funding will allow the Ashley Court Project to rough in all the utilities, totally complete 100 lots, put in place three Green Homes models, plus an approximate 10,000 SF community center; all built with Green Homes 21st century technology.

Ashley Court will be the premier project to move Green Homes forward. Everyone coming in on the ground floor will be part of the Ashley Court LLC; with full conversion rights to said Green Homes stock at the opening price; regardless of any stock increases along the way.

All interested parties contact: Divine Investors @ 313-662-4855, thru this website, or by email: info@weclosemoredeals.com.

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