Alternative Financing for NOO Investment Real Estate Properties

One of my top lenders has the below diverse loan program for NOO 1-4
units and lso for 5 or more units on investment properties and
Commercial real estate.These programs are for people with a Credit
Score of 400+ and up,out of Bankruptcy,and they can finance time
sensitive loans and this loan program are for the  following property
types: Apartments,Mixed Use,Retail,Office complexes and below is
additional program information:

Loan amounts$250K-$5MM
Max LTV 65%
No Financials Needed
Credit score does not affect approvals
No Prepayment penalties
1Yr. interest only terms(Option to extend)
Funding can be in 30 days or faster depending on the deal and the borrower

If you are the direct principal borrower and looking for immediate
funding,contact me at:

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