97% Project Financing for Projects of $10M +, Worldwide

Our sources can finance most types of projects of at least $10 Million USD up to $1 Billion USD, in countries that are not in conflict with the USA.  
We are looking for the following types of projects:
  • All Energy Projects
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Oil and Gas
  • Hospitality
  • Industrial
  • Airports and Marinas
  • And many more..
Options that we will consider:
  1. If you have been already approved for financing by a Bank or Private Lender, but they are asking you for a substantial amount of acceptable Collateral (such as SBLC or BG) in order for your project to get financing, we can provide that Collateral for you at a very affordable cost. We will need to be introduced to your lending source to negotiate an acceptable type of Collateral for them to move forward with the funding.
  2. If you don't already have a Lending Source but have 3% of the Loan Amount sought, then we can introduce you to one of our Lenders that is willing to fund any worthwhile project when we provide (in your behalf) a Bank Guarantee or SBLC from a Top World Bank, with their name as the beneficiary, in order to accept your project and finance it.
  3. If you don't have a Lender and don't have the 3% either, but have between $3K to $5K USD to get started, we can still help you!
We are currently assisting Clients in all 3 categories, and can sure help you as well!
All you have to do is let us know which option describes you best.
Once we know where you fit in, we can start the process accordingly.
We will gladly provide you with references.
Please note that this service is for seasoned and well experienced developers, investors, etc with a solid track record and can show proof.
The project must be financially profitable and with a solid management team and exit strategy.
Direct Borrowers please contact us at projectfundingnow@gmail.com
Please do not e-mail us any files about the project of your personal BIO's!
We don't need that right upfront.  We need to first pre-qualify you and then ask for the proper files.
Thank you very much!

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