I am new to this and looking around for help. I personally have a love hate relationship with 2d animation - it takes so much from you, time energy, passion life blood! and doesn’t necessarily yield the seemingly mainstream polished look that appears to be the current trend. I also feel that it is so underrated by others outside of the animation pool. It also seems to be an industry that is based on connections. I have also noticed that lots of 2D companies are shipping their work off overseas.I'm between a rock and a hard place - I can't get a job in animation, but am continually creating them for pleasure? but also with the aim to be hired or taken on by a company. AN animator uses totally different code to perform every task to finish the animation. code helps to bring life within the drawings. That means, they're wont to build the movement .I went through many resources and also checked many 2d animation company examples but did not find any solution.Please help me out.

Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you.

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