2 Performing Notes Available - 1 Commercial, 1 Residential

#1 Well established, and solidly managed fast food restaurant in Idaho. The owners/payors are a husband/wife team who managed the restaurant for many years under the note holder before he sold it to them. Payors have great credit. $475,000 face value. $447,838.81 remaining principal balance (includes about $1,000 in additional principal payments). 8% Interest. 15 year term. Payments are $4,539.35/mo, but payors are paying $4,595/mo. Seasoned 18 months.

#2 Mobile Home in West Virginia. The note holder is an investor and strategically created this note with a 19.3% interest rate! $6,705 face value. $6,424.64 remaining principal balance (includes $5 in additional principal payments). Payments are $175/mo. 5 year term. Other things to note: lot rent is included in the note as an extra payment to the note holder who then pays the monthly lot rent to the land owner ($120/mo.) Also, the note was written to keep the deed of trust in the note holder's name until the note was paid off.

Interested in either of these? Please call or email with interest and/or a quote.

Kimberly Williamson
Owner & Consultant
Strategic Resource Development, LLC
Phone: 615-887-1533

Tailored Cash-Now Solutions for Holders of Real Estate Backed Private Loans
Commercial or Residential Property Management Consulting
Commercial or Residential Lease Analysis, Administration, and Accounting
Development of Training Guides and Training Others on Lease Analysis, Administration, and Accounting,
using in-house Processes and Incorporating Property Management Software (i.e. MRI)
Administrative Process Analysis and Process Improvement
Business Office Administration, A/R, A/P

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