Big Deals Consulting and associates are now offering this Alternative Funding Service...
144A Bond Funding is a fast, low cost, non-recourse way to finance many type of real estate and non-real estate projects. 
Benefits of a 144A Bond Offering: 
  • 100% LTV 
  • No personal guarantee 
  • No credit checks 
  • No asset verification 
  • No loss of equity in your business 
  • Quick turn around time – often 90 days 
  • Low underwriting fee 
  • Flexible repayment terms
Eligible Projects: Many types
  • Stabilized real estate
  • Construction
  • Rehab
  • Agriculture
  • Mines
  • Oil & gas
  • Energy
  • Non-RE such as technology, pharmaceutical, major business acquisition/expansion
Territory: Worldwide
Amount:  $10M-500M + (NO CAP)
Underwriting Fee:  Case by Case basis
Some recent examples: 
  • $500,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $240K
  • $250,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $150K
  • $20,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $45,000
  • $17,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $45,000
*** The client must be able to show double the amount in a bank account compared to what the underwriting fee is. No exceptions!
Terms: Up to 30 years amortized with balloon payment (negotiable)
Points: bond company charges 5-7 points/corresponding lender charges 5-7 points. 
Interest rates range from 5-7%. Points are built into the bond.
Third Party Reports: Client is responsible, at client expense, for any and all reports, appraisals and any other type of third party compilation about the project.
  • Send preliminary package, Bond questionnaire and POF for fee amount
  • Multiple conference calls
  • Bond company analysis and pre-underwrite
*If bond company issues a positive opinion in 2-3 weeks, then:
  • Bond company engaged and bond underwriting fee paid
  • Bond created
  • Funding
* 144A: A 1990 SEC rule that facilitates the resale of privately placed securities that are without SEC registration. The rule was designed to develop a more liquid and efficient institutional resale market for unregistered securities.
Direct Borrowers Only Please!
To your service;
Big Deals Consulting, LLC
German Chavez-President
San Diego, CA.
BigDeals2012 @
Skype ID: BigDeals07

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have sent a skype contact request...would like to know about the underwriting fees...if it does not they come back? can email your response back to me..



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